Gena Project Index


  Gena51112.81 KBA fun PE1x (XP/2K3) supporting only open-source, free, and flexible building options.Gena People :>
  folder.project5454 BytesThe most flexible PE 1x on Earth, using Explorer as shell, supporting SATA/IDE drives, USB devices, and many other features and tweaks. This project is based on PE environment and will use a Windows ™ XP/2003 Install CD.TheOven Chefs (Galapo, Lancelot)

  folder.project24.31 KBAdds important additional adjunct scripts which extend the functionality of PE in creative directions.TheOven Chefs (Galapo, Lancelot)
  AutoIt Tools.LinkGena283 Bytes
  AutoIt3 from Tools498.75 KBAuotIt3 - Best Script Language forever - Adds AutoIT from Project\Tools\SourceArch folder.Lancelot
  ImageCreator13585.7 KB(PE1x86 only) Tool to create a raw hdd imagenikzzzz
  LODR-pack support21443.61 KB(PE1 only) Adds support for Load-On-Demand-Ready packed appsGalapo
  MountedDevices Host.LinkGena290 Bytes
  MountedDevices Host310.44 KBGrab MountedDevices registry of HostOS :>.Lancelot
  WimImageCreator15477.15 KB(PE1x86 only) Tool to create WIM image loaded WinPeNikzzzz
  WriteProtectUSB_DaveXP4835 KBMake USB drives read only (at startup or via tray menu)DaveXP

  folder.project37.07 KBAdd programs to your projects - most scripts already include all needed files inside. You can browse each category and select which programs should be added.TheOven Chefs (Galapo, Lancelot)

  folder.project34.3 KBAll tools related to CD and DVD's - either burning, ISO handling, etc.TheOven Chefs (Galapo, Lancelot)
  ImgBurn214.43 MB(v2.5.8.0) ImgBurn is a lightweight CD / DVD / HD DVD / Blu-ray burning application that everyone should have in their toolkit!Galapo

       Gena/Apps/File Tasks
  a43271.41 MB(v3.90) A43 is a freeware file management utility for Windows.JonF, Galapo, Lancelot
  Q-Dir Nenad162.71 MB(x86/x64 v6.03) Folder management with Quadro-View techniqueLancelot
  TreeSizeFreeware163.79 MB(v2.5.1.149) TreeSize Free can be started from the context menu of a folder or drive and shows you the size of this folder, including its subfolders.Lancelot, Steelbone

       Gena/Apps/File Tasks/Compression
  folder.project3225 BytesPrograms to extract and compress files.TheOven Chefs (Galapo, Lancelot)
  7-Zip File Manager44142.27 KB(x86/x64 packed v9.20 or 9.38 beta) A file archiver with a high compression ratio. Formats: 7z, ZIP, GZIP, BZIP2 and TAR (packing/unpacking) and ARJ, CAB, CHM, CPIO, DEB, DMG, HFS, ISO, LZH, LZMA, MSI, NSIS, RAR, RPM, UDF, WIM, XAR and Z (unpacking only)saydin77, Jon Fleming, Lancelot
  7-Zip File Manager_Files13.09 MB(x86/x64 packed v9.20) File Container Scriptsaydin77, Jon Fleming, Lancelot
  7-Zip File Manager_Files AB43.35 MB(x86/x64 packed vAlfa-Beta :> ) File Container Scriptsaydin77, Jon Fleming, Lancelot
  WinRAR817.57 KBAdds WinRAR to the PE buildGalapo

       Gena/Apps/File Tasks/File Copy
  FastCopy Shirouzu H81.46 MB(x86/x64 v2.11) FastCopy is the Fastest Copy/Delete Software on WindowsLancelot

       Gena/Apps/File Tasks/File Find

       Gena/Apps/File Tasks/File Unlock

       Gena/Apps/HD Tasks
  folder.project34.29 KBBackup files, create images from HDD's, partition resizing, etc.TheOven Chefs (Galapo, Lancelot)
  Acronis Disk Director WinPE61.15 MB(x86/x64) (v11/v12) Acronis Disk Director2aCD, ChrisR
  Acronis TrueImage WinPE6230.82 KB(x86/x64) (2016/2015/2014/2013/2012) Acronis TrueImage2aCD, Mikka, ChrisR
  Active@ Partition Manager 181.84 MB(v1.3.0.12) (3.82 MB) You may create, delete, format and name partitions on your computer without shutting down the system. (FAT16, FAT32, NTFS - Format a Flash memory as NTFS)Lancelot
  HDHacker1472.73 KB(v1.4) HDHacker is a stand-alone micro-utility that saves, visualizes, and restores the MBR (from a physical drive), the BootSector (from a logical drive) or any specified sector from any disk (even removable disks).Galapo
  Paragon HDM 8.5 and 9.514470.01 KB(v8.5 and v9.5) Adds Paragon Hard Disk Manager 8.5 or 9.5 Special Edition to the buildGalapo

       Gena/Apps/HD Tasks/Defrag
  Defragger10278.38 KB(v3.9alpha) (nt5x only) (118 KB) Defragger for all reachable FAT/NTFS-partitions (all ClusterSizes)under Windows NT(SP4)/2K/XP. Uses Windows-Defrag-API, no data corruption possible.Lancelot

       Gena/Apps/HD Tasks/Diagnostic
  Check Disk GUI14742.35 KB(x64/x86 v0.3.1) Check Disk GUI provides a nice GUI for M$'s chdkdsk.exe console utility.Galapo
  HDTune14997.13 KB(v2.5.5.0) HD Tune is a Hard Disk utility which includes benchmarking, detailed information, health status by using SMART, scan the surface for errors,temperature display. May also work with devices such as memory cards, USB sticks, iPods, etc.Jon Fleming

       Gena/Apps/HD Tasks/Erase

       Gena/Apps/HD Tasks/File Undelete
  Recuva446.03 MB(x86/x64 Download new version OR uses packed Recuva (pronounced "recovuh") is a freeware Windows utility to restore files accidentally deleted from your computer. This includes files emptied from the Recycle bin and other files that have been deleted by user error.NightMan, Jon Fleming

       Gena/Apps/HD Tasks/Imaging
  Acronis True Image Echo Omni 9.5 MOD for Gena7414.92 KB(v9.5) (PE1x86 only) Adds Acronis True Image Echo Server, Enterprise, or Workstation with optional Universal Restore to the project. Features image file mounting plus conversion of .tib files to MS VirtualPC and VMWare virtual machine disk formats.dera; mod from Thunn's script ©2008 thuun derboy
  DriveImage XML (Private Edition)231.99 MB(v2.5.0.0) DriveImage XML is an easy to use and reliable program for imaging and backing up partitions and logical drives.Lancelot, JonF
  GImageX27376.12 KB(v2.0.17) (PE1x86 only) GImageX is a graphical user interface for the ImageX tool from the Windows Automated Installation Kit.Galapo

       Gena/Apps/HD Tasks/MBR
  BootIce1548.34 KBBOOTICE is a portable utility to manipulate the MBR or PBR of your disk. Supported boot records: Wee, Grub4Dos, Grub2, SYSLINUX, Plop Boot Manager, Windows NT 5/6 etc. And, partitions management, sector editing, backing up, restoring operations, are also supported.Lancelot, Galapo, ChrisR
  MbrFix with MbrFix_Wiz22623.45 KB(x86/x64 MbrFix v1.3.0.0) Perform several Master Boot Record (MBR) tasks, like backing up, restoring, fixing the boot code in the MBR, etc. Made for Windows NT 2000 XP 2003 Vista Win7 Win8 and Windows PE.NightMan, Jon Fleming, Lancelot

       Gena/Apps/HD Tasks/Recover
  Partition Find and Mount212.33 MB(v2.31) Scans hard disk drives for lost partitions and mounts them as read-only images, or saves them as image files. If you do not have a license key the transfer rate is limited.A-FF Labs, Jon Fleming
  TestDisk & PhotoRec96.72 MB(v6.14) Advanced forensic tools for hard drive data recovery. It is very useful in recovering lost partitions.Galapo, Lancelot, Gena People

  folder.project34.27 KBWeb Browsers and other Internet related addonsTheOven Chefs (Galapo, Lancelot)
  DnsJumper4545.23 KBv1.04 Change your dns easlyBlue Life, Velociraptor, Lancelot
  Flash Package114.35 MB(v11.4.402.278 - (x86 9.3 MB)) This is a Flash Package script to be used by other scripts.Saydin77, Lancelot
  Flash Package v10.1.85.372.91 MB(v10.1.85.3 (x86 5.7 MB)) This is a Flash Package script to be used by other scripts.Saydin77, Lancelot
  Off By One Web Browser381.1 MB(v3.5d) The Off By One Web Browser may be the world's smallest and fastest web browser with full HTML 3.2 support. It is a completely self-contained, stand-alone 1.2 MB applicationLancelot
  Opera v8.54161.56 MB(v8.54) Opera best Browser Ever. v8.54 is the last version of v8 series, occupying small space (4.8 MB) working nicely on net (2010-04)Lancelot, Saydin77
  Opera v8.54 File14.86 MB(v8.54) This script only contains opera binary to be used by Opera 8.54 script.Lancelot, Saydin77


       Gena/Apps/Network/Remote Connect
  VNC Viewer12192.99 KB(v4.1.3) VNC stands for Virtual Network Computing. It is remote control software which allows you to view and fully interact with one computer desktopLancelot

  DiskCryptor181.2 MB(x86/x64 v1.1.846.118) A fully open solution to encrypt all partitions, including system. The program is a replacement for proprietary DriveCrypt Plus pack and PGP WDE.olegpov
  TrueCrypt273.19 MB(v7.2 v7.1a) Adds TrueCrypt to the build.Galapo


  folder.project3357 BytesSome AV applications require writeable media to update. If you dont have writeable media (ex: create iso without fbwf) copy AV from cd to a writeable media (ex: usb,hd etc)TheOven Chefs (Galapo, Lancelot)

  Joshua's Key Reader1262.69 KB(v2.7b) Adds Joshua's Key Reader to the PE build.Galapo
  ProduKey NirSoft11187.37 KB(x86/x64 v1.70) A small utility that displays the ProductID and the CD-Key of MS-Office, Windows, Exchange Server, and SQL Server from any disk on your computer, or over a network.Jon Fleming


  WindowsGate14924.2 KB(v1.1 & 1.2) Program that enables or disables logon password validation without changing any passwords. Also allows running any process with system privileges from the logon screen (WinKey+U). v1.1 (english) doesn't work on a Windows 7 Target but 1.2 (Russian language only) does. Use v1.1 to figure out the v1.2 screen.Damian,JonF

  folder.project3275 BytesKeep in mind 'BS Explorer' shell have special 'Setting' folderTheOven Chefs (Galapo, Lancelot)
  01 README Apps Setting4842 BytesBS Explorer have special StartMenu "Setting" Folder. Nothing critical, only annoying things happens time to time. Better to avoid making "Setting" subfolder Shortcuts if you do not know what you are doing. Further you are free to do as you like.Lancelot

  folder.project34.27 KBProductivity related programsTheOven Chefs (Galapo, Lancelot)


  LBreakout 2 paf33.53 MB(v2.6.3) This plugin will add LBreakout 2 to your PE build. Works best using updated drivers furnished by your video card Mfgr. Disk cost is ~4.87 MB.sLiM
  Mines czeppi.de1560.79 KB(v1.40)Lancelot

  Desktop Clock Plus-711.04 MB(v1.0) Analog clock displays the current time on desktop window. You can resize the clock and move it anywhere.Lancelot
  Fast Stone Capture Free101.78 MB(v5.3) Free FastStone Capture will be added on the projectPedro Le 15
  MultiRes1594.33 KB(v1.58) Adds MultiRes to your PE build. So you can change resolution easily :).Lancelot


  Mark Text Editor2120.6 KB(v0.9z) Mark Text EditorOleg_II
  SumatraPDF374.27 MB(v3.0) Sumatra PDF is a slim, free, open-source PDF viewer for Windows. Sumatra has a minimalistic design. It's small and starts up very
  xCHM352.14 MB(v1.23) xCHM is a viewer for Compiled HTML Help (CHM) files having lots of chm view features :>.Galapo, NightMan


  folder.project3242 BytesKeep in mind 'BS Explorer' shell have special 'System' folderTheOven Chefs (Galapo, Lancelot)
  01 README Apps System4837 BytesBS Explorer have special StartMenu "System" Folder. Nothing critical, only annoying things happens time to time. Better to avoid making "System" subfolder Shortcuts if you do not know what you are doing. Further you are free to do as you like.Lancelot

       Gena/Apps/System Tools
  folder.project34.29 KBAddons related to the improvement of the overall systemTheOven Chefs (Galapo, Lancelot)
  Double Driver32.84 MB(v4.1.0.0) (Support XP/Vista/7 (32-bit or 64-bit)) View all the drivers installed on your system and also allows you to backup, restore, save and print all chosen drivers.Lancelot
  Flush11932.39 KB(v2.5) For flushing cached data to diskLancelot, Galapo, Blue Life
  LetterSwap1447.26 KBSynchronizes letters of disks Host & Guest OSNikzzzz
  NirSoft NirCMD25.29 KB(x86/x64) NirCmd is a small command-line utility that allows you to do some useful tasks without displaying any user interface.Plugin Creator
  Portable Finder CMD1255.28 KBBatch from laddanator to get your personal Portable tasks (Flexibilty with editing batch the way you like...). For use with other media than the boot one where the option already exists with %CDDrive% :)laddanator
  ServicesPE161 MB(x86/x64 v1.4) Adds ServicesPE (Edit Remote Services) to the build.Galapo
  ServiWin18139.72 KB(v1.62) View list of installed drivers and allow to modify their startup priority. Displays the list of services on your system and lets you manage them ...ChrisR
  Smart Driver Backup22416.07 KB(v2.12) Adds Jaque's Smart Driver Backup to the build. Best Free 'Driver Backup' utility. Also one of the Best Backup utility (There is only 2 :>)Galapo
  SwapAdd & Paging Files5126.96 KBAdd Swap File (PageFile) to disk by Olof LagerkvistLancelot, Nikzzzz
  UpdateDevices1109.52 KB(v1.0.0.7) Simple Device Manager Clone - For those who are not running explorer then this provides some of the functionality of the windows device management MMC plugin. It allows you to enable / disable / update the driver / view the properties of a device. It also has an option to rescan and detect new devices.Lancelot

       Gena/Apps/System Tools/Debug
  Sysinternals Suite19364.82 KBThe Sysinternals Troubleshooting Utilities have been rolled up into a single Suite of tools. This file contains the individual troubleshooting tools and help files. It does not contain non-troubleshooting tools. Now includes RamMap.Jon Fleming
  Sysinternals Process Monitor440.97 KBProcess Monitor is an advanced monitoring tool for Windows that shows real-time file system, Registry and process/thread activityJonF

       Gena/Apps/System Tools/Explorer Addons
  FindTarget_Lance1623.11 KB(PE1x86 only) Right Click on a shortcut and click FindTarget, Helps to get to shortcut (.lnk) location easly. I feel developers will love it, also usefull to check source location for help files.Lancelot
  HashTab v3 (olegpov)141.01 MB(x64/x86 v3.0.0) HashTab is a Windows shell extension which adds a tab called "File Hashes" to the Windows Explorer file properties. The coolest thing ever ! ;)olegpov
  Properties_Plus_Kish11312.27 KB(PEx86 only) (v1.65) A free add-on for your Windows Explorer. It adds additional functionality to your right-click menu under the menu option. Here you'll be able to modify File Attributes, file extensions, and the time stamps of single files, multiple files, or files contained within the folders.Lancelot, Arvy

       Gena/Apps/System Tools/HW Info
  CoolMon 115825.16 KB(v1.0 build 1003 - 11th of august, 2003( Display info about your system in REAL time.amalux, ReD, Lancelot

       Gena/Apps/System Tools/Registry
  RegShot18115.85 KB(v1.8.2.0b) Compare changes in the registry between two moments.Paraglider
  RegShot2 Unicode72.38 MB(x86/x64 v2.0.1.70) Compare changes in the registry between two moments.Lancelot
  Runscanner KBProgram developed by Paraglider to load a remote registry and run a program and then unload the remote registry. Originally developed for non-PE-aware antispyware applications. Includes a shortcut for editing the target registry in regedit, and a shell extension for running any program.Paraglider, JonF, Lancelot

       Gena/Apps/System Tools/Windows Setup
  NT 6.x fast installer2569.21 KBScript for fujianabc's "NT 6.x fast installer"Galapo
  OfflineSysPrep1231.91 MBVersion For sysprepping a Windows XP or 2003 partition that is hardware independent. (Requires networking.)Galapo
  WinNTSetup1 JFX302.29 MB(x86/x64 v1.5.0.3) A Winnt32.exe Replacement to install Windows 2000/XP/2003 x86/x64JFX, Lancelot
  WinNTSetup312707.2 KB(3.7.5) JFX's WinNTSetup3 x86/x64. Install Windows 2k/XP/2003/2008/2012/Vista/7/8.x x86/x64ChrisR
  WinNTSetup3 JFX865.58 KB(x86/x64) Small tool to Setup Windows 2k/XP/2003/Vista/7 x86/x64JFX

  Paragon Virtualization Manager 9.55106.97 KBParagon Virtualization Manager 9.5Galapo




  Click-N-Type.Link156 Bytes
  Click-N-Type_Turkish.Link164 Bytes
  FreeVK.Link150 Bytes
  mousemu_RH_Designs.Link162 Bytes
  Onscreen Keyboard_Paf_Mini_US.Link173 Bytes
  Virtual_Magnifying_Glass_Portable_paf.Link181 Bytes
  Virtual_Magnifying_Glass_Portable_paf_v3.3.1.Link188 Bytes
  Zzoom_omiod.Link155 Bytes

       Gena/AppY/File Tasks
  Dos Navigator DNS.Link158 Bytes
  Dos Navigator Necromancer.Link166 Bytes
  doublecmd.Link150 Bytes
  doublecmd_Files.Link155 Bytes
  FAR_Manager2_10_Lite.Link161 Bytes
  FAR_Manager2_60_FULL.Link161 Bytes
  FileMan_Ewayne.Link155 Bytes
  FreeCommander_L.Link156 Bytes
  F_File Manager.Link155 Bytes
  Gyula Navigator.Link156 Bytes
  WinExplorer_EH_Assembler.Link165 Bytes
  WinHex.Link147 Bytes
  WinMerge2.Link150 Bytes

       Gena/AppY/File Tasks/File Find
  AgentRansack_Amalux.Link170 Bytes
  AgentRansack_Amalux_1.Link172 Bytes
  EveryThing_saydin77.Link170 Bytes

       Gena/AppY/HD Tasks
  Acronis-DiskDirector10.Link161 Bytes
  Active Partition Manager_v1.Link166 Bytes
  Active Partition Manager_v35.Link167 Bytes
  Active Partition Manager_v35_File.Link171 Bytes
  Check Flash_misha.Link156 Bytes
  dd for Windows.Link153 Bytes
  DMDE free.Link148 Bytes
  EASEUS_Partition_Manager_Home.Link168 Bytes
  EASEUS_Partition_Manager_Home_9.2.1.Link174 Bytes
  EASEUS_Partition_Manager_Home_9.2.1_File.Link178 Bytes
  EASEUS_Partition_Manager_Home_File.Link172 Bytes
  EASEUS_Partition_Manager_Pro_Demo.Link172 Bytes
  EASEUS_Partition_Recovery.Link164 Bytes
  FAU - Forensic Acquisition Utilities.Link175 Bytes
  FTK Imager Lite.Link154 Bytes
  FTK Imager Lite_File.Link158 Bytes
  HDD Low Level Format Tool.Link164 Bytes
  HotSwap5_KazuyukiNakayama.Link164 Bytes
  HotSwap6_KazuyukiNakayama.Link164 Bytes
  MountStor.Link148 Bytes
  MyUSBEjector_U-Ejection_Expert.Link169 Bytes
  Paragon_Partition_Manager_09.Link167 Bytes
  Paragon_Partition_Manager_11.Link167 Bytes
  Partition Guru Free.Link158 Bytes
  Partition Guru.Link153 Bytes
  Partition Table Doctor.Link161 Bytes
  Partition Wizard Home8.Link161 Bytes
  Partition Wizard Home8_File.Link165 Bytes
  Runtime_DiskExplorer_for_FAT.Link167 Bytes
  Runtime_DiskExplorer_for_Linux.Link169 Bytes
  Runtime_DiskExplorer_for_NTFS.Link168 Bytes
  Runtime_RAID_Reconstructor.Link165 Bytes
  SwissKnife_L.Link151 Bytes
  USBDiskEjector_Bgbennyboy.Link164 Bytes

       Gena/AppY/HD Tasks/Defrag
  AusLogics_Disk_Defrag_1_Galapo.Link176 Bytes
  AusLogics_Disk_Defrag_Galapo.Link174 Bytes
  JKDefrag.Link154 Bytes
  MyDefrag.Link154 Bytes

       Gena/AppY/HD Tasks/Diagnostic
  HDDScan.Link157 Bytes

       Gena/AppY/HD Tasks/File Undelete
  Runtime_GetDataBack Simple.Link179 Bytes
  Runtime_GetDataBack_for_FAT.Link180 Bytes
  Runtime_GetDataBack_for_NTFS.Link181 Bytes

       Gena/AppY/HD Tasks/Imaging
  Ghost_Lance.Link158 Bytes
  Ghost_Lance_Additions.Link168 Bytes
  ODIN_Lancelot.Link160 Bytes
  SavePart_PartitionSaving.Link171 Bytes

       Gena/AppY/HD Tasks/MBR
  BootSect.Link151 Bytes

       Gena/AppY/HD Tasks/Recover
  Runtime_DiskExplorer_for_NTFS.Link176 Bytes
  Runtime_NAS_DATA_Recovery.Link172 Bytes
  Runtime_Raid_Recovery_for_Windows.Link180 Bytes

  FirefoxPortable_paf.Link157 Bytes
  FirefoxPortable_paf_Files.Link162 Bytes
  FireFoxShiretoko.Link154 Bytes
  Opera_USB.Link147 Bytes
  Opera_USB_File.Link151 Bytes
  QtWeb.Link143 Bytes
  ShowIP_bitsoft_de.Link155 Bytes
  ShowIP_incomp_cz.Link154 Bytes
  SoftPerfect Network Scanner.Link165 Bytes

       Gena/AppY/Network/Remote Connect
  Teamviewer.Link163 Bytes
  UltraVNC_101.Link165 Bytes
  UltraVNC_102.Link165 Bytes

  FreeOTFE.Link147 Bytes
  FreeOTFE_Explorer.Link156 Bytes
  VeraCrypt.Link148 Bytes


  ChromiumBSUpaf.Link164 Bytes

  Adobe_Photoshop_055.Link172 Bytes
  Extract_Icon_Tool.Link170 Bytes
  FastStoneViewer.Link168 Bytes
  GIMPPortable2_paf.Link170 Bytes
  IcoFX.Link158 Bytes
  LittleViewer.Link165 Bytes
  MWSnap.Link159 Bytes
  Opencanvasv1_oC11b72.Link173 Bytes
  Xinec ColorConverter.Link173 Bytes

  VLCPlayer_Portable_paf.Link177 Bytes
  Winamp2.Link162 Bytes
  Winamp5.Link162 Bytes

  eXPert_PDF_Reader.Link168 Bytes
  Notepad_PlusPlus.Link167 Bytes
  PDFTKbuilder.Link163 Bytes

  Rainlendar.Link161 Bytes
  RocketDock.Link161 Bytes

       Gena/AppY/System Tools
  AppCompactor.Link155 Bytes
  Drv_ImpeD.Link152 Bytes
  Event_Log_Explorer_SB.Link164 Bytes
  ExitPE.Link149 Bytes
  Index.dat Cleaner.Link160 Bytes
  MountStor.Link152 Bytes
  Sun Java JRE.Link155 Bytes
  Sun Java JRE_jre-6u14-windows-i586.Link176 Bytes
  Sysinternals_Process_Explorer.Link172 Bytes
  Sysinternals_Registry_Monitor.Link172 Bytes
  TCC_LE.Link149 Bytes
  Temp_Delete_L.Link156 Bytes
  WimTool_Lxl1638.Link158 Bytes
  YankeeClipper3.Link157 Bytes

       Gena/AppY/System Tools/Debug
  Process Hacker 2.Link165 Bytes
  SoftSnoop.Link158 Bytes

       Gena/AppY/System Tools/Explorer Addons
  NinotechPathCopy.Link175 Bytes

       Gena/AppY/System Tools/HW Info
  blttest_stereopsis.Link169 Bytes
  HWInfo.Link157 Bytes
  HWMonitor.Link160 Bytes
  SIV.Link154 Bytes
  VMT - Video Memory stress Test.Link181 Bytes

       Gena/AppY/System Tools/Registry
  Regalyzer.Link161 Bytes
  RevoUninstaller.Link167 Bytes

  2_Net2_Test_TryNet20.Link161 Bytes
  Attribute Tweaker.Link158 Bytes
  gtools.Link147 Bytes
  gtools_bin.Link150 Bytes
  Junction Link Magic 1.Link162 Bytes
  Junction Link Magic 2.Link162 Bytes
  KeePass2.Link149 Bytes
  Stream Explorer.Link156 Bytes
  WinMD5_1_eolson.Link156 Bytes
  WinMD5_2_eolson.Link156 Bytes

  CrystalDiskInfo_amalux_Req_wmi.Link171 Bytes
  WMITester Paessler.Link159 Bytes

  folder.project24.35 KBThis folder has the basic scripts needed to create a boot disk. You only need to enable this folder and the "Finish" folder to get a working project.TheOven Chefs (Galapo, Lancelot)
  CampPE182.31 MBCampPE provides project cleaning, backup options, and other important tasks.Galapo
  PrepPE53529.05 KBPrepPE provides initial project preparation and performs dependency checks.Galapo
  EnvironmentPE1664.11 KBEnvironmentPE provides options for User Profiles configuration and sets %temp% environment variable accordingly.Galapo
  RAMDrivePE8224.12 KBRAMDrivePE provides options for RAM Drive configuration.Galapo
  ProgramFilesPE1837.11 KBProgramFilesPE provides options for %ProgramFiles% variable location and configuration.Galapo
  BootsectorPE33363.61 KBDefine your bootsectorGalapo
  ShortcutsCentro201.15 MBShortcutsCentro provides options for generating project shortcuts.Galapo
  Revision Check585.86 KB'Revision Check' provides updates of project scripts that are updated with Revision number.Galapo, Lancelot

  folder.project24.35 KBThis folder contains all the essential scripts that will create your project. Please read carefully what each script does before changing anything.TheOven Chefs (Galapo, Lancelot)
  Register Factory API50123.3 KBInstalls OS components using virtual machinesfxscrpt
  Register Factory API_Files301.24 MB'Register Factory API' File Containerfxscrpt
  saydin77 Core352.32 MBw5pe from The Great Saydin77 - First opensource pe1 project - First pe1x64 - First pe1 supporting all languages .... :>:>:>saydin77
  saydin77 Core_Files13.05 MBsaydin77 Builder Core File Container Scriptsaydin77
  Junction843.27 KBJunc some folders to another drive (another disk, ramdrive) to speed up build. Mainly Speed up CreateISO and PostConfig stages. Using Ramdrive 4GB adviced ;)Lancelot
  Profile Prepare11995.61 KBAdds Information Table.Blue Life, Lancelot, Galapo
  Profile Post Settings46.96 KBDefault Post Settings After Profile ReadyGena People
  Profile Create Folders879.17 KBCreate Profile Folders + ProjectInfo [Paths] + PE Registry + Folder Desktop.iniGena People
  Profile Handling and Settings16398.78 KBHow to handle profile :>.Gena People, BlueLife
  WoW64_Basic12366.48 KBAdds WoW64 (Windows on Windows64) Support to PEx64 builds. WoW64 make 32bit programs work on 64bit environment.JFX
  Locale CD Additions57.56 KBAdditional file(s) for locale cdGalapo, Lancelot
  Retrieve More Localized Info2091.73 KBProvides detailed Localization informations of Source and HostOS by using LCID.exe of fxscrpt. Additionaly provides HostOS Utilities.FxScrpt, Lancelot, Max_Real QNX, BlueLife, ChrisR
  Macro Library (ML)42528 KB(v42.53) Macro Library (ML) contains Macros(=Commands) which helps creating Plugins and Projects easier.Pedro Le 15, Galapo, Lancelot
  Project Medicine1243.1 KBEveryone needs some medicine now and then - even WB projectsJFX, Lancelot

  folder.project24.24 KBSelect which shell you like best.TheOven Chefs (Galapo, Lancelot)
  Explorer95197.67 KBExplorer is Filemanager & Shell used on WindowsRadoi Ovidiu

  CoreMain55342.26 KBAdd core components to buildfxscrpt

       Gena/Basic/Shells/Core/1 System
  Localized Control Classes1128.09 KBAdd localized ControlSet001\Control\Class entries to buildfxscrpt
  Installer Service724.08 KBAdd windows installer to buildfxscrpt
  Cryptographic Services821.83 KBAdd cryptographic services to buildfxscrpt
  Scripting Support927.64 KBAdd scripting support to buildfxscrpt
  Management Console2441.25 KBAdd MMC to buildfxscrpt
  Management Console Files15361.82 KB'Management Console' File Containerfxscrpt
  Help Support1845.75 KBAdd windows help system to buildfxscrpt
  Network Support15102.54 KBAdd preinstalled network components to buildfxscrpt
  Network Support Files1057.68 KB'Network Support' File Containerfxscrpt
  WMI Support1247.7 KBAdd windows management instrumentation to buildfxscrpt
  Performance Logs and Alerts818.74 KBAdd performance monitor to buildfxscrpt
  Removable Storage1740.15 KBAdd removable storage support to buildfxscrpt
  Internet Explorer1256.53 KBAdd Internet Explorer v6 to buildfxscrpt

       Gena/Basic/Shells/Core/2 Updates

       Gena/Basic/Shells/Core/3 Addons
  Flash Player67.25 MB(v10.1.85.3) Add flash player to buildfxscrpt

  EarlyStarter2329.11 KBEarlyStarter service executes tasks at an early boot stage.fxscrpt
  Winlogon / Shell19882.37 KBSet Winlogon and Shellfxscrpt
  Misc Settings28189.82 KBSet some additional stuff.Holger Kotsch
  Winlogon / Shell PECMD71.19 MBSet Winlogon and Shell with PECMDJFX, fxscrpt, Lancelot

  00-4_BackupRestore_Basic.LinkGena303 Bytes
  BackupRestore Basic20491 KBADVANCED USERS ONLY - Saves Target and Cache and Temp Folders to use later with "Create Image" pluginsLancelot, Blue Life

  folder.project24.24 KBWindows Components and AddonsTheOven Chefs (Galapo, Lancelot)


       Gena/Components/Core/1 System
  CMD Adds.LinkGena296 Bytes
  CMD Adds1129.08 KBAdds useful Standalone Command Utilities from your Source into your build. (NO network related)FiZiX, Lancelot
  CMD Adds_Network523.9 KBAdds Network related CMD Toys of Windows from your Windows Install CD/DVD or folder into your build.Lancelot
  Cryptographic Services Direct Build7676.76 KBFull Crypto ONLY Available in fxscrpt's RegFactory (RF). Script provides some useful Crypto findings for none RF builds (usefull for vmware - vmxbuilder etc.)Lancelot, Sherpya, Fxscrpt, Saydin77, Joshua
  dos16bit.LinkGena296 Bytes
  16 Bit support (WOW)1533.48 KB(PEx86 Only) Add support (WOW) for DOS and Win16 applications in 16bit adding around ~4Mb to your build.John Adamopoulos
  FIPS Service27.35 KBFIPS service will be added to the project. It is a part of crypt services, and needed by some applications. Ex: VMWareGood People of Gena
  IE 0643687.24 KBMicrosoft Internet Explorer v6 for Genasaydin77
  IE 0816332.4 KBMicrosoft Internet Explorer v8 for Genasaydin77
  ActiveX Support16179.71 KBActiveX Support for Gena ProjectZerojinny(
  IE_Favorites_url.LinkGena304 Bytes
  IE Favorites1120.05 KBMaintain Favorites url filesLancelot
  IE Flash (Only IE) v10.1.85.3144.32 MB(x86) (v10.1.85.3) Adobe Flash Playersaydin77, Zerojinny, dera, 2aCD
  IE_Proxy_Settings.LinkGena305 Bytes
  IE Proxy Settings4222.04 KBInternet Explorer Proxy Settings2aCD, NightMan, Markus Debus
  IE Settings3545.72 KBMicrosoft Internet Explorer Settingssaydin77, Lancelot
  LODR-Thinstall_Support.LinkGena310 Bytes
  LODR-Thinstall_Support965.85 KBThis script adds required core files to make VMware ThinApp'ed Applications Work.funtik
  MMC70956.6 KBInstalls the MMC console and its tools in your buildJohn Adamopoulos, TheOven Chefs Galapo, Lancelot
  National Language Support files520.56 KBAll .nls files to the build (~11 MB)saydin77
  Printer Support21161.38 KB(PE1x86 only) Adds Printer Support with Go2PDF virtual PDF printer to your build allowing you to make PDF files within Windows PERadoi Ovidiu
  RegEdit.LinkGena295 Bytes
  Registry Editor2420.59 KBWill add Registry Editor to the PE compilation.Radoi Ovidiu
  Scripting Support MS11157.87 KBAdds pre-registered support for WSH, VBS, JS, and OLE automationthuun
  TaskManager.LinkGena299 Bytes
  Task Manager2013.52 KBWill add Task Manager to the PE compilation.Radoi Ovidiu
  UDFS File System612.05 KBUniversal Disk Format (UDF) is a file system like FAT32, NTFS or ISO9660. UDF supports file name length up to 255 bytes on CD/DVD (WB port of cdob's BartPE Plugin)cdob
  VB6Run34.75 KBMicrosoft Visual Basic 6.0 and Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 controls comctl32.ocx mscomctl.ocxLancelot
  vcredist Visual C++ Redis Packages3837.85 KBThis is main vcredist control plugin that adds of vcredist versions to the buildLancelot
  vcredist x64 2005 SP126.18 MBThis is NOT a standalone script, This script is a part of vcredist main script and only tested with pe1. Nothing to process hereLancelot
  vcredist x64 2008 SP1210.21 MBThis is NOT a standalone script, This script is a part of vcredist main script and only tested with pe1. Nothing to process hereLancelot
  vcredist x64 2010311.4 MBThis is NOT a standalone script, This script is a part of vcredist main script and only tested with pe1. Nothing to process hereLancelot
  vcredist x86 2005 SP135.46 MBThis is NOT a standalone script, This script is a part of vcredist main script and only tested with pe1. Nothing to process hereLancelot
  vcredist x86 2008 SP149.24 MBThis is NOT a standalone script, This script is a part of vcredist main script and only tested with pe1. Nothing to process hereLancelot
  vcredist x86 2010310.53 MBThis is NOT a standalone script, This script is a part of vcredist main script and only tested with pe1. Nothing to process hereLancelot

       Gena/Components/Core/1 System/Accessibility
  Accessibility216.85 KBAdds access.cpl to the build (Control Panel -> Accessibility)Lancelot
  Accessibility Keyboard447.89 KBSet 'Accessibility Keyboard' options (Control Panel -> Accessibility -> Keyboard)Lancelot
  Accessibility Keyboard - FilterKeys454.96 KBSet 'Accessibility Keyboard' options (Control Panel -> Accessibility -> Keyboard -> FilterKeys)Lancelot
  Accessibility_Mouse.LinkGena321 Bytes
  Accessibility Mouse4110.26 KBSet 'Accessibility Mouse' options (Control Panel -> Accessibility -> Mouse)Lancelot
  Magnify551.06 KBZoomLancelot
  On Screen Keyboard5397.01 KBOn-Screen Keyboard (OSK) is intended to provide a minimum level of functionality for users with limited mobility. Users with limited mobility will need an on-screen keyboard with higher functionality for daily use.JFX, Lancelot

       Gena/Components/Core/1 System/Accessibility/New folder

       Gena/Components/Core/1 System/Accessories
  Calculator.LinkGena310 Bytes
  Calculator1714.27 KBWill add Calculator to the PE compilation.John Adamopoulos
  Character Map.LinkGena313 Bytes
  Character Map5140.82 KBCharacter Map shows content of fonts ;).Lancelot
  ClipBook Viewer382.56 KBClipBook Viewer shows content of clipboard ;).Lancelot
  Dependency Walker Support1156.45 KBDependency Walker from source cd support files (SUPPORT.CAB). This is a debug tool that helps you find what (dll etc) your application depends on. (Tip: Open your application with DW, click F7 and OK)Lancelot
  FontView.LinkGena308 Bytes
  FontView4115.18 KBAdds FontView.exe to the build. A handy small utility to view font file sample.Lancelot, ChrisR
  MSPaint.LinkGena307 Bytes
  Ms Paint149.48 KBAdds MS PaintGena People, JFX
  MSViewer.LinkGena308 Bytes
  Ms Viewer6212.24 KBImaging Devices - Picture and Fax Viewer (No Waik)ChrisR, Lancelot
  Notepad.LinkGena307 Bytes
  Notepad2931.96 KBWill add Notepad to the PE compilation.John Adamopoulos
  NT Backup318.4 KBBackup is a utility that you can use to back up and restore user data.Lancelot
  Windiff Support177.71 KBWindiff from source cd support files (SUPPORT.CAB). Windiff is a simple tool to show difference between 2 folders.Lancelot
  WordPad.LinkGena307 Bytes
  Word Pad179.5 KBWill add Word pad to the PE compilation.John Adamopoulos, JFX

       Gena/Components/Core/1 System/Games
  GMS_XP_FreeCell.LinkGena309 Bytes
  MS FreeCell XP3239.31 KBMS Games from XP (x86 / x64) (433 KB / 454 KB)TheOven Chefs, Lancelot, Galapo
  GMS_XP_GMS_XP_Hearts.LinkGena307 Bytes
  MS Hearts XP11187.86 KBMS Games from XP (x86 / x64) (486 KB / 514 KB)TheOven Chefs, Lancelot, Galapo
  GMS_XP_Minesweeper.LinkGena312 Bytes
  MS Minesweeper XP348.34 KBMS Games from XP (x86 / x64) (142 KB / 161 KB)TheOven Chefs, Lancelot, Galapo
  GMS_XP_Pinball.LinkGena308 Bytes
  MS Pinball XP3339.78 KBMS Games from XP (x86 / x64) (2.5 MB / 2.6 MB)TheOven Chefs, Lancelot, Galapo
  GMS_XP_Solitaire.LinkGena310 Bytes
  MS Solitaire XP3166.95 KBMS Games from XP (x86 / x64) (437 KB / 459 KB)TheOven Chefs, Lancelot, Galapo
  GMS_XP_Spider_Solitaire.LinkGena317 Bytes
  MS Spider Solitaire XP3519.54 KBMS Games from XP (x86 / x64) (533 KB / 586 KB)TheOven Chefs, Lancelot, Galapo

       Gena/Components/Core/1 System/Network
  PEDialup - Internet Dialup26670.29 KB(v1.0.0.5) (XP source only) Dial-up and analog/broadband Modem Support.Kare
  PENetwork Gena146.5 MB(Latest v0.59 B2 and v0.58.2 and v0.58 B8 and v0.56) Network (LAN/WLAN) settings & support.Holger Kotsch
  Rdc.LinkGena299 Bytes
  Remote Desktop Connection2028.53 KBAdds Remote Desktop Connection client in PE1 to PE5.NightMan, JonF, Joshua, ChrisR
  Networking Support4756.91 KB(XPx86 source only - XP-SP3x86 Recommended) Native Windows XP networking support (PPPoE,PPTP,L2TP,WiFi)arax

       Gena/Components/Core/1 System/Network/PeNetworkLST

       Gena/Components/Core/2 Update
  Windows Installer 3.1203.27 MBport of cdob's BartPE pluginGalapo
  Base Smart Card720.66 KB(Date Published: 11/29/2005) KB955704 - Base Smart Card Cryptographic Service Provider PackageLancelot
  exFAT1713.48 KB(Date Published: 1/26/2009 ) KB955704 - exFAT File System DriverLancelot
  GDI+ Update ( GdiPlus.dll )31.1 MB(Date Published: 10/13/2009 - Self Contains x86 v5.2.6001.22319) KB975337 - GDI+Lancelot
  MSXML6 - Microsoft Core XML Services13.71 MB(Date Published: 7/12/2006 )Lancelot

       Gena/Components/Core/3 Addons

  folder.project2266 BytesAdd special tweaking to your project, allowing to set screen resolution, wallpaper and other shell customizationsTheOven Chefs (Galapo, Lancelot)
  Additional_Files.LinkGena297 Bytes
  Additional Files1611.1 KBAny files and folders you want to add manually :).yahooUK
  Additional_Files_Other.LinkGena303 Bytes
  Additional Files Other18.07 KBAdd Files/Folders to special foldersLancelot
  Display Properties28936 KBSet your default display properties here.Holger Kotsch
  Driver Signing41.08 MB(PE1 only) Ignore Windows Logo Testing to install drivers easly without approval.United Colors of Good people
  Fonts Codepages Essential.LinkGena306 Bytes
  Essential Fonts and Codepages2123.1 KBAdds common font and codepage filesbeakmyn, ChrisR
  Fonts Other.LinkGena292 Bytes
  Other Fonts11.01 MBAdds Other Font related thingsChrisR
  Mouse_Cursors.LinkGena288 Bytes
  Cursors6172.45 KBAdd selected mouse cursor set to PE build.Galapo, BlueLife
  Mouse_Tordex Wheel.LinkGena299 Bytes
  Tordex Wheel29.32 KB(v) With Tordex Wheel, Windows rolls the window under the mouse cursor, so you can scroll windows, lists, etc. without having to activate them.Nikzzzz
  OEM Information and Logo81.08 MBWill add OEM Information and Oem Logo and Left-Up picture to the build (Control Panel --> System-->General OR Right Click 'My Computer' --> Left Click 'Properties' --> General)Lancelot
  Regional Options.LinkGena297 Bytes
  Regional Options116.23 KBSome Regional OptionsLancelot
  Remove Floppy A Mount Point.LinkGena308 Bytes
  Remove Floppy A Mount Point216.21 KBTo avoid speed down caused by floppy (real or fake), unmount A: at early boot :)Lancelot
  Remove Floppy ALL Mount Point.LinkGena310 Bytes
  Remove Floppy ALL Mount Point 'BL MountVol'41.21 MB'BL MountVol' is a utility that can easly mount/remove . Also has a good feature to unmount all fdc :)Bluelife, Lancelot
  Run_MRU.LinkGena288 Bytes
  Run MRU446.6 KBRun List - Make your own plugin the way you like :)Lancelot
  Screen Lock61.92 MBCWorks' Screen Lock enables screensaver and also has a locking feature that when enabled will disable the system untill the F11 key is pressed and correct password is entered.Galapo
  SetResolution731.54 MBAllows for setting different resolutions for virtual machines or native (non-virtual) machines.Galapo
  Shortcut Settings.LinkGena298 Bytes
  Shortcut Settings412.23 KBSome Shortcut SettingsLancelot
  Wallpaper143.86 MBWill add your favorite wallpaper to the PE desktopGalapo
  yOther Tweaks.LinkGena294 Bytes
  Other Tweaks4211.61 KB(NT5x) Add a (growing) set of extra customisationsGalapo

       Gena/Components/Tweaks CMD
  folder.project14.24 KBAdd CMD tweaks to your projectTheOven Chefs (Galapo, Lancelot)
  CMD 2Shortcut.LinkGena298 Bytes
  CMD Shortcut26.42 KBCreate CMD Shortcut(s)Lancelot
  CMD Settings_Color.LinkGena303 Bytes
  CMD Settings Color534.17 KBChange color of cmd screenLancelot
  CMD Settings_Console.LinkGena305 Bytes
  CMD Settings Console39.09 KBCustomize Cmd.exe "Command Processor" settingsLancelot
  CMD Settings_Options Layout.LinkGena312 Bytes
  CMD Settings Options Layout475.55 KBChanges cmd window settigs (Properties-->Options and Layout)Lancelot
  CMD Support.LinkGena296 Bytes
  CMD Support4109.62 KBConsole.dll and full screen (ega.cpi) support for CMD.Lancelot
  CMD Support_Font.LinkGena301 Bytes
  CMD Support Font513.37 KBChange font settings of cmd to Lucida fontLancelot

       Gena/Components/Tweaks Explorer
  folder.project14.25 KBAdd Explorer tweaks to your projectTheOven Chefs (Galapo, Lancelot)
  Tweaks and Settings45920.56 KB(NT5x) Customizes your Gena's Explorer Shellcurare, Lancelot, Galapo
  Exp Appearance.LinkGena304 Bytes
  Appearance5242.91 KBHKCU\Control Panel\ColorsLancelot, Galapo
  Appearance BackGround Color686.76 KB(NT5x) HKCU\Control Panel\ColorsGalapo, curare
  Exp ContextMenu_CMD Here.LinkGena314 Bytes
  CM CMD Here165.54 KBContextMenu CMD Here - Adds 'CMD Here' to RightClick-Folder ContextMenuLancelot, Galapo, JFX
  Exp ContextMenu_CopyMove.LinkGena314 Bytes
  CM CopyMove256.57 KBContextMenu CopyMove - Adds 'Copy To' and/or 'Move To' to Context MenuLancelot
  Exp ContextMenu_Format On Drives.LinkGena322 Bytes
  CM Format On Drives194.07 KBContextMenu Format On DrivesJFX
  Exp ContextMenu_SendTo.LinkGena312 Bytes
  CM Send To149.86 KBContextMenu Send ToLancelot, Galapo
  Exp ContextMenu_ShellNew.LinkGena314 Bytes
  CM ShellNew273.51 KBContextMenu ShellNew - ShellNew -> RightClick on Desktop - 'New' menuScript Creator
  Exp Font Tweaks.LinkGena305 Bytes
  Font Tweaks2179.54 KBFont SettingsLancelot, Dera
  Exp MyComputer_Exporer.LinkGena312 Bytes
  My Computer -> Explorer215.26 KBGets 'My Computer' opens as ExplorerLancelot, anshad
  Exp MyComputer_Name.LinkGena309 Bytes
  My Computer - Name26.4 KBChange 'My Computer' Nameapinux
  QuickLaunch2116.66 KB(NT5x) HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Streams\DesktopGalapo, Lancelot
  Exp StartMenu General.LinkGena311 Bytes
  Start Menu General116.03 KBGeneral Settings on Start MenuGalapo
  Start Menu Pin463.37 KB(NT5x) Pins Some Items to StartMenu (Use 'XP Style StartMenu')Lancelot
  Explorer View121.37 KB(NT5x) Change View Settings of Explorer (Explorer\Streams)Script Creator
  Toolbar314.63 KB(NT5x) HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\ToolbarLancelot
  Exp yzMisc.LinkGena300 Bytes
  Miscellanous Settings214.47 KBExplorer Miscellanous SettingsLancelot

  00-4_BackupRestore_Components.LinkGena309 Bytes
  BackupRestore Components23501.01 KBADVANCED USERS ONLY - Saves Target and Cache and Temp Folders to use later with "Create Image" pluginsLancelot, Blue Life

  folder.project24.24 KBAdd driver support for your hardware.TheOven Chefs (Galapo, Lancelot)

       Gena/Drivers/1 Audio
  folder.project23.84 KBAdd selected Audio drivers to the PE buildTheOven Chefs (Galapo, Lancelot)
  00-4_BackupRestore_Drivers.LinkGena305 Bytes
  BackupRestore Drivers20491.05 KBADVANCED USERS ONLY - Saves Target and Cache and Temp Folders to use later with "Create Image" pluginsLancelot, Blue Life
  HD Audio1517.07 KB(x86/x64) This script adds HD Audio Bus Driver and some HD Audio device driverscdob
  Qemu Audio Driver42.19 KBctlsb16.sys - PEx86 only - Requires XP 32bit sourceHighwayStar
  VirtualBox Audio Driver48.3 KB(x86/x64) Intel(r) 82801AA/AB/BA/CA AC'97 Audiocontroller (ac97intc.sys)Galapo
  VMWare Audio Driver931.82 KB(x86/x64) PEx86: ENSONIQ AudioPCI 97 WDM Audio Miniport PEx64: vmaudio.sysHighwayStar

       Gena/Drivers/2 Video
  folder.project26.26 KBAdd selected Video drivers to the PE buildTheOven Chefs (Galapo, Lancelot)
  Qemu VGA Driver621.42 KBcirrus.sys - PEx86 onlyHighwayStar
  VGASave Settings28.91 KBvga.sys ( VGA/Super VGA Video Driver ) is M$'s default video driver, load automatically when the default designated video card driver does not work, or if a newly installed video card driver refuses to work.Lancelot
  VirtualBox Video7226.94 KB(x86/x64) Adds VirtualBox display driver to the PE buildGalapo, Lancelot
  VMWare Video23.09 MB(x86/x64) Adds VMWare display driver to the PE buildHighwayStar

       Gena/Drivers/3 Network
  folder.project25.92 KBAdd selected Network drivers to the PE buildTheOven Chefs (Galapo, Lancelot)
  DPs LAN Drivers5375.7 KB(x86 only) DriverPacks LAN Drivers script.Galapo
  DPs WLAN Drivers3376.26 KB(x86 only) DriverPacks WLAN Drivers script.Galapo
  qEmu Network Driver (pxe-ne2k_pci.bin)128.46 KBPEx86 only: rtl8029.sys+netrtpnt.inf (M$ NIC) . ( -net user -net nic,model=ne2k_pci OR -net user -net nic)Lancelot
  qEmu Network Driver (pxe-rtl8139.bin)87.79 KB(x86/x64) --> PEx86:rtl8139.sys+netrtsnt.inf (M$ NIC) , PEx64:rtl39a64.sys+netrtsnx.inf (M$ NIC) ( -net user -net nic,model=rtl8139 )Lancelot
  VirtNet Network Adapter735.59 KB(x86/x64 VirtNet 1.0) Adds VirtNet Network Adapter to the PE buildGalapo
  VirtualBox / VMWare Network Driver109.6 KB(x86/x64) --> PEx86:pcntpci5.sys+netamd2.inf (M$ NIC) (VBox+VMWare) , PEx64:amd64n5.sys+netamd81.inf (M$ NIC) (VBox) -AND- PEx64:e1g5132e.sys +NETE1G3E.INf (M$ NIC)(VMWare)Lancelot
  Virtual PC Intel Network Driver751.73 KBPEx86 only: DC21X4.SYS+net21x4.infthuun
  VMWare Ethernet647.02 KBPEx86 only: vmxnet.sys + vmxnet.infHighwayStar

       Gena/Drivers/4 Storage
  folder.project24.36 KBAdd selected Storage drivers to the PE buildTheOven Chefs (Galapo, Lancelot)
  Removable Devices Combo20532.51 KBPeripheral Devices; USB Mass Storage, USB Keyboard & Mouse Hotplug, Ieee1394 Support are added by this script.fxscrpt
  Bin file for Build DPs Mass Storage Drivers script2213.86 MBContains DP BASE and .7z archive of mass storage driversGalapo
  Nightlies - Bin file for Build DPs Mass Storage Drivers117.59 MBNightlies - Contains DP BASE and .7z archive of mass storageGalapo
  Build DPs Mass Storage Drivers script78499.44 KB(x86 only) Builds (or re-builds) DriverPacks Mass Storage Drivers script.Galapo
  DPs-MassStorageDrivers_au333583.12 KB(x86 only) DPs_MassStorage_DriverPack Integrator with au3 programmingsaydin77
  Bin file of DriverPack_MassStorage_wxp_x86-32_1010_greg_b10114.49 MBContains 7z archive of DriverPack_MassStorage_wxp_x86-32_1010_greg_bolegpov
  DPs-MassStorageDrivers_MSST18126.61 KBDPs MassStorage DriverPack Integrator with MSSTmake.exe Toololegpov
  MassStorageDrivers x644340.81 KBSome Mass storage drivers for PE1x64Gena People
  Ext2Fsd.LinkGena288 Bytes
  Ext2Fsd61.01 MB(v0.51) The Ext2Fsd project is an ext2/ext3/ext4 file system driver for W2000/XP/W2003//Vista/Win7/W2008-R2Nikzzzz, olegpov
  LSI and LSI SAS and VMWare scsi734.55 KBSCSI drivers for VMware (vmscsi.sys v1.2.0.6 , LSI driver versions written on interface)Lancelot
  Disk.sys Update + GPTSupport XP 32bit513.95 KBUpdate disk.sys AND GPT support for WinXP x86 using 2k3 disk.sysYurkesha & Nikzzzz
  Vds - Virtual Disk Service134.12 KBEXPERIMENTAL - Vds on XP - EXPERIMENTAL - (use with 2k3 disk.sys - may help further XPx86 support) (already exists on MMC plugin for none XPx86 builds)Galapo, FXScript, Lancelot
  Vss - Volume Snapshot Service215.08 KBEXPERIMENTALGalapo, Fxscript, Lancelot
  vUSBDummyDisk.LinkGena294 Bytes
  USB Mass Storage Dummy Filter Driver1410.75 KB(x86 only) Will add USB Mass Storage Filter Driver to convert USB memory sticks to fixed-disksoriensol

       Gena/Drivers/5 Ramdisk
  folder.project25.33 KBAdd selected Ramdisk drivers to the PE buildTheOven Chefs (Galapo, Lancelot)
  Win2k3_Ramdisk106.65 KB(PE1x86 only) Add Win2k3 Ramdisk.Sys Disk Driver & Win2k3 setupldr.binLancelot, Galapo
  FiraDisk11158.8 KB(x86/x64 - for x86 & x64 , for x86) (PE1 only script) Will add FiraDisk Virtual (RAM) Disk Driver and Enumeratororiensol
  WinVBlock101.11 MB(x86/x64 - v0.0.1.2 & v0.0.1.6 & v0.0.1.7 & v0.0.1.8 & v0.0.1.8-Dev) (PE1 only) Will add WinVBlock Virtual Disk Driver to PE buildacus

       Gena/Drivers/6 Other
  folder.project25.59 KBAdd selected various other drivers and driver utilities to the PE buildTheOven Chefs (Galapo, Lancelot)
  AccessGainDrivers.LinkGena296 Bytes
  AccessGain Drivers1249.76 KB(x86/x64 v1.1) bypass file system security (allows acess to files bypassing NTFS permission without writing to disk).cdob
  Add/Remove UpperFilters9874.95 KBAdds program to taskbar to easily manage adding and removing specific UpperFilters. (Only enable if you understand the options enabled on the script interface and their consequence.)Galapo
  DMA support from CDROM2378.83 KBDMA support from CDROMNikzzzz
  Driver Import PE72762.58 KB(PE1x86 v1.3.3.0 + Custom DrvImpe.exe can be used ) Driver Import PE Imports device drivers from local system or via an INF-file (and packed inf file ex: dps packages) into Gena.Kare
  Driver Import PE AE791.08 MB(PE1x86 v1.3.3.0) Driver Import PE Imports device drivers from local system or supplied drivers, packed (.7z, .zip) or loose (.inf). Now includes configurable auto search and system import at boot options utilizing smart driver backup!Kare, amalux
  HWPnP29235.23 KB(v1.0.0.27) Adds Essential Fixes and HWPnP.exe to the buildGalapo
  Processor Drivers629.51 KBAdds Processor Drivers to PEGalapo; port of cdob's BartPE plugin
  Symbolic link filter Driver2259.53 KB(v1.06) Adds Symbolic link filter driver by Masatoshi KimuraLancelot, Masatoshi Kimura
  XPE - pnp multimedia49459.25 KB(x86 only) Support of PNP & multimedia in WinBuilder environment. Script copy necessary drivers and libraries for system devices and multimedia devices.Highway Star
  XPE - pnp multimedia (x64)6291.89 KB(x64 only) Add PnP and Multimedia SupportJFX
  XPE DirectX15382.75 KB(x86 only) Enable DirectX drivers that will enhance graphicsHighwayStar
  XPE DirectX (x64)4591.62 KB(x64 only, requires wow64) Add 32Bit DirectX functionallity to x64 WinPE 1.xJFX

  folder.project24.36 KBScripts on this folder are meant to finish your project and create your ISO. After completing this step they can also be emulated so that you can check the results.TheOven Chefs (Galapo, Lancelot)

       Gena/Finals/0 RegFactory
  Register Factory VM Installer817.44 KBInstalls OS components using virtual machinesfxscrpt

       Gena/Finals/1 Optimizations
  folder.project14.25 KBPerform aditional operations to reduce the size of the imageTheOven Chefs (Galapo, Lancelot)
  00-4_BackupRestore_Optimizations.LinkGena322 Bytes
  BackupRestore Optimizations20491.06 KBADVANCED USERS ONLY - Saves Target and Cache and Temp Folders to use later with "Create Image" pluginsLancelot, Blue Life
  Language Auto134.4 KBChecks If source and host Keyboard Matches - If mismatch use host keyboard via Lang PluginsLancelot
  Greek Language Group337.3 KBSupport to Greek KeyboardsGena People
  Russian Language Support1981.23 KBAdds Russian Language support to the build.funtik
  Turkish Language Group553.23 KBTurkce Dil Grubu Destegi (Turkce Q & F ve Azeri Latin)Saydin77, Lancelot
  WesternEurope Language Group3141.22 KBSupport to WesternEurope KeyboardsGena People
  Switch Keyboard6119.12 KBChange Keyboard Via Hotkey and Optional with 3rd party utilitiesNikzzzz, Lancelot, Gena People
  Lang_zz_Scancode Map.LinkGena310 Bytes
  Scancode Map111.05 KBChange Keyboard Layout\"Scancode Map" setting (Language independent keyboard remaping feature from ms)Lancelot
  MountPEmedia692.98 KBSupport for booting Gena ISO from disk/mediaChrisR, JFX, Lancelot
  Multi Processor2433.26 KB(PE1x86 only) Enables multiprocessor PEGalapo; WB port of cdob's BartPE plugin
  Post Processing Tools231.07 MBRuns Post Processing tools on the PE Buildthuun,
  Themes (x64/x86)321.38 MBAdds Themes, May not work on certain Virtual machinesJFX
  Themes Changer31.08 MBChange and Add themes easly :>.JFX, BlueLife, Lancelot
  WimPack1151.58 MB(PE1x86 only) Compress selected folders into WIM images to decrease final build size, with WIM images mounted at boot.Nikzzzz, Galapo
  Win2003 Workstation16.16 KB(Win2003 Only) * Change Win2003 PE to Workstation versionJFX
  BootText442.76 KBBoot Text At StartupNikzzzz
  BootScreen19413.19 KBThis script adds custom bootscreen to the Gena/LiveXP build.olegpov
  YY-BootScreen_Pack_Lancelot01.Link393 Bytes

       Gena/Finals/2 Create Image
  folder.project14.26 KBThese scripts create an image that can be used to burn on a CD or DVDTheOven Chefs (Galapo, Lancelot)
  BootDI1611.22 MBBootDI (BootDiskImage) by default creates a HDD image (IMG) file from the Target folder that can be booted into RAM from CD, HDD, and USB disks. Optionally, you can create a SupperFloppy image (IMA) rather than the default HDD image. NOTE: You'll need a ramdisk driver with proper settings for this plugin work.Starting idea of HighwayStar, edited by NIKZZZZ and Oleg_2
  Create ISO100543.6 KB(Gena) Compiles the current compilation on the target directory to an ISO file that can be booted in an emulator (ex: qEmu) and/or burnt on CD-R.Open source community, Galapo, edborg, cdob
  WimBoot85944.15 KBCreate Iso for booting wim packed image.Nikzzzz

  folder.project24.28 KBOtherOS Scripts Requires a Multibootloader (Grub4dos). Check Basic>BootsectorPETheOven Chefs (Galapo, Lancelot)

  Ghost4Unix.Link144 Bytes
  gPXE.Link138 Bytes
  HDAT2 Diagnostics.Link151 Bytes
  HDT - Hardware Detection Tool.Link163 Bytes
  Invaders Erik Thiele.Link154 Bytes
  MHDD.Link138 Bytes
  Vivard.Link140 Bytes
  Vmtce - Video Memory Stress Test CE.Link169 Bytes

  30_Gena_Shells_Info.Link364 Bytes
  55_PE Shell Swapper.Link365 Bytes
  bbLean.Link352 Bytes
  GeoShell.Link354 Bytes
  LiteStep.Link354 Bytes
  ReactOS Explorer X.Link364 Bytes

  folder.project24.3 KBSome tools which were added for special tasks - not meant to be executed while the project is running.TheOven Chefs (Galapo, Lancelot)
  !PluginManager.LinkGena282 Bytes
  PluginManager30582.47 KBPluginManager aids in managing plugin selectionsGalapo
  55-RegEdit.LinkGena278 Bytes
  RegEdit1931.31 KBEdit Registry hives without rebuilding your project.yahooUK, ChrisR, Homes32
  BootIce Pauly241.11 MB(v1.332 x86/x64 2015.2.16.0) BOOTICE is a portable utility to manipulate the MBR or PBR of your disk. Supported boot records: Wee, Grub4Dos, Grub2, SYSLINUX, Plop Boot Manager, Windows NT 5/6 etc. And, partitions management, sector editing, backing up, restoring operations, are also supported.Lancelot, Galapo, ChrisR
  Bootsdi_Tweak.LinkGena281 Bytes
  Boot.sdi Tweak230.56 KBTweaks boot.sdi file (mount-edit-unmount) - You can change SystemDrive Label ;)laddanator, Lancelot
  .exe and changelog512.38 MBThis plugin by default provides a version of WinBuilder that's suitable for the current project, also you can read the current project changelogthuun, Lancelot, BlueLife, Galapo
  Gena changelog15513.64 KBProvides a changelog for GenaGalapo, Lancelot and all Supporters :>
  Gena changelog 2010.09.08 Beta Development951100.56 KBProvides a changelog for Gena Beta Development and prior works all we (PE1® fans) had done. (Archived for historical reasons)Galapo
  Gena changelog 2011.03.15 Release Candidate35044.11 KBProvides a changelog for Gena Release Candidate (Archived for historical reasons)Galapo
  Gena changelog79481.61 KBProvides a changelog for GenaGalapo, Lancelot and all Supporters :>
  GetWaikTools13118.09 KB(v2.1.0) WAIK/ADK Tools dowload by JFX. To get the few tools like wimgapi, imagex, dism or the WIM filter drivers in only few Mb.ChrisR
  HiveUnLoad.LinkGena278 Bytes
  HiveUnload20632.2 KBHiveUnload.exe unloads all hives loaded from a folder (doubleclick HiveUnload.exe to get more info) ultimate useful utility for such tasksBlueLife, Lancelot
  Imdisk_Installer.LinkGena284 Bytes
  Imdisk_Installer24406.21 KB(v1.7.5) This script checks the existance and version of Imdisk to install or update unattendedly (automatically). Other scripts that requires Imdisk can call this script to install or update Imdisk.Lancelot, Galapo
  Innounp M015184.48 KB(v0.43.0.0) UnOfficial and OpenSource unpacker of Inno SetupLancelot
  Misc Tools.LinkGena278 Bytes
  Miscellaneous Tools10652.73 KBSome nice tools to be used also seperately :>BlueLife, Lancelot
  MyPlugins_Project_Add.LinkGena289 Bytes
  MyPlugins Project Add125.69 MBConvert MyPlugins folder to a Project Folder.Lancelot
  NirSoft NirCmd File Container1362.39 KB(x86/x64 v2.7.5.222) Nirsoft NirCMD container pluginLancelot
  Plugin Organisations.LinkGena288 Bytes
  Plugin Link Organisations236.8 KBFor Project Admins OnlyLancelot
  Plugin_Creator_10_Packed.LinkGena292 Bytes
  PC Packed392.7 MBPlugin Creator Packed . Prepare plugins for portable applications :>Lancelot
  Plugin_Creator_20_ProvideFiles.LinkGena298 Bytes
  PC Provide Files12914.52 KBPlugin Creator Provide Files :>Lancelot
  Download button and Code Example48.91 KB(v) Download TemplatePlugin Creator Provide Files
  A43 - Simple410.55 KB(v) Copy Directly from Provide File FolderProvide Files Plugin Template
  HDhacker - Normal410.63 KB(v) Copy from Provide File Sub FolderProvide Files Plugin Template
  HDhacker - Example352.56 KB(v) Copy from Provide File Sub FolderProvide Files Plugin Template
  BlueScreenView - SubExe510.68 KB(v) Copy from Provide File Sub FolderProvide Files Plugin Template
  BlueScreenView - SubExe - Example393.18 KB(v) Copy from Provide File Sub FolderProvide Files Plugin Template
  HWmonitor MultiArch - MultiExe - SameFolder510.84 KB(x86/x64 v) Copy from Provide File Sub FolderProvide Files Plugin Template
  HWmonitor MultiArch - Multiple EXE Name + Same Folder31.1 MB(x86/x64 v) Copy from Provide File Sub FolderProvide Files Plugin Template
  DriverView ultiArch - SameExe - DifferentFolder411.14 KB(v) Copy from Provide File MultiArchitecture Sub FolderProvide Files Plugin Template
  DriverView MultiArch - Same EXE Name - Example4112.64 KB(v) Copy from Provide File MultiArchitecture Sub FolderProvide Files Plugin Template
  DevManView MultiArch - SameExe - DifferentFolder - SubExeFolder611.38 KB(v) Copy from Provide File MultiArchitecture Sub Folder with a sub executableProvide Files Plugin Template
  DevManView MultiArch - Same EXE Name - SubExeFolder - Example4152.91 KB(v) Copy from Provide File MultiArchitecture Sub Folder with a sub executableProvide Files Plugin Template
  Plugin_Creator_Innounp.LinkGena290 Bytes
  PC Innounp371.85 MBPlugin Creator Innounp . Easy start preparation of Innounp plugins :>Lancelot
  POSReady 2009 Converter168.36 KBBETA (NOT READY) Convert POSReady 2009 CD to a usable source for GenaLancelot
  RegCPE.LinkGena274 Bytes
  RegCPE5911.23 KB(v1.4.2.0) Registry Convert PE - Convert .Reg to .Au3 & .Reg & .script to be used for PE Build Tasks Easily and Securely :).BlueLife, Lancelot
  RegReConvert.LinkGena280 Bytes
  Reg ReConvert817.94 KBReConvert premade .reg files to Normal Reg or ReReConvert with RegCPE :)Lancelot
  Resource Hacker38.97 KBMacro Plugin to use Resource Hacker inside plugins :> (To Download once and .... )Lancelot
  Share Plugins27497.34 KB(BlueLink v1.1.0.4) Time To Share Application Plugins between projects easily by using .link :)Lancelot, BlueLife, ChrisR
  Support_Log.LinkGena279 Bytes
  Support Log14369.47 KBExpands log functionality to next levels - Plugin Designed to be used by Other plugins (aka Macro Plugin)Lancelot
  Update Gena (Exact and Secure)171.97 MBPlugin helps you to download 'exact' copy of 'project server' and to Update easily. Thanks to BlueLife for BLExactServerBlueLife, Lancelot
  Update Gena Info15.62 KBInfo File for Update Gena PluginLancelot
  Update Yomi-Gena (Exact and Secure)121.97 MBPlugin helps you to download 'exact' copy of 'project server' and to Update easily. Thanks to BlueLife for BLExactServerBlueLife, Lancelot
  WinContig.Link295 Bytes

  PluginManager-Appetizer.ini288.93 KB
  PluginManager-Meal.ini288.83 KB
  PluginManager-Sweets.ini288.78 KB


  folder.project24.29 KBAfter creating an image, see how it will work inside a computer emulator.TheOven Chefs (Galapo, Lancelot)
  AA_Best_Emulation.LinkGena296 Bytes
  Best Emulation1029.71 KBRuns your ISO with best possible (available) virtual machine (emulator)TheOven Chefs
  qEmu.LinkGena283 Bytes
  qEmu Emulation211.56 MBRuns your ISO in QEMU (Thanks to Fabrice Bellard)TheOven Chefs :) and thanks to BlueLife
  VirtualBox.LinkGena289 Bytes
  VirtualBox Emulation591.17 MBRuns your PE ISO in VirtualBoxFxscrpt, JFX, Kare, Lancelot
  VirtualPC.LinkGena288 Bytes
  Virtual PC Emulation7111.66 KBRuns your ISO in Microsoft Virtual PCBeatZero, Lancelot
  VMWare.LinkGena285 Bytes
  VMware Emulation55102.75 KBRuns your ISO in VMware Player 2 & 3 - Workstation 5 & 6 & 7 - Serverbooty#1, TheOven Chefs (Galapo, Lancelot)

  ImgBurnISO.LinkGena288 Bytes
  ImgBurn ISO233.48 MB(v2.5.8.0) Burn Your Image to CD / DVD / HD DVD / Blu-ray .LIGHTNING UK
  Tutorial Gena Disk Boot41.32 MBSimple Tutorial to get USB Flash Disk (UFD) boot Gena.iso. Entrance to ufd boot class 101 :).Gena People


  folder.project27.04 KBAdd programs to your projects - most scripts already include all needed files inside. You can browse each category and select which programs should be added.TheOven Chefs (Galapo, Lancelot)

  folder.project24.27 KBAll tools related to CD and DVD's - either burning, ISO handling, etc.TheOven Chefs (Galapo, Lancelot)
  CDImageGUI11648.21 KB(beta3 by CyBerian) CD/DVD .iso image creation. CDIMAGE GUI is just a frontend for the original CDIMAGE commandline tool. The GUI includes it's own CDIMAGE, so you do not need to download it.Galapo
  InfraRecorder227.43 MB(v0.53.0.0) Adds InfraRecorder, freeware CD/DVD recording software, to the build.Galapo
  UltraISO585.61 MB(v9.6.5.3237) CD/DVD image creation; mounting of images. UltraISO Copyright (C) 2002-2013 EZB Systems, Inc.Galapo

       Gena-Sweets/Apps/File Tasks
  Ant Renamer 281.4 MB(v2.10.0) Ant Renamer is a free (really free, i.e. the source code is available) program that makes easier the renaming of lots of files and folders by using specified settings. It supports Unicode names.Antoine Potten
  HxD151.08 MB(v. HxD is a fast free hex editor that can open files of any size (up to 8EB), gives raw read/write access to disks and main memory (RAM)Galapo
  TinyHexer213.74 MB(v1.8.1.6) Adds TinyHexer to the build.Galapo
  WinMerge v2.12.4254.13 MB(v2.12.4) WinMerge is an Open Source differencing and merging tool for Windows. WinMerge can compare both folders and files, presenting differences in a visual text format that is easy to understand and handleGalapo

       Gena-Sweets/Apps/File Tasks/Compression
  folder.project1184 BytesPrograms to extract and compress files.TheOven Chefs (Galapo, Lancelot)
  IZArc257.05 MB(v4.1.7) Adds IZArc compression software to the buildGalapo
  Universal Extractor197.26 MB(v1.6.1) Universal Extractor is a program to extract files from any type of archive, whether it's a simple zip file, an installation program, or even a Windows Installer (.msi) package.Max_Real Qnx, NightMan, Jon Fleming, Lancelot

       Gena-Sweets/Apps/File Tasks/File Copy
  ycopy151.01 MB(v1.0d) Copy the files from one drive to another just like a regular copy. The difference being that when it encounters a file that it can't copy (for whatever reason) it doesn't just give up. Instead it makes a note of the file(s) that couldn't be copied and moves on to the next one.Lancelot

       Gena-Sweets/Apps/File Tasks/File Find
  FindOnClick246.52 MB(v2.5.0.0) Adds FindOnClick to the build, an exceedingly fast file-searching program.Galapo
  Super Finder XT306.64 MB(v1.6.3.2) Powerful replacement for Windows XP™ built-in search. Search files, folders and other data efficiently and easily.Jon Fleming

       Gena-Sweets/Apps/File Tasks/File Unlock
  Unlocker 1.9.2181.5 MB(x86/x64) Add an item to the context menu of all file system objects, for unlocking them or just seeing what locks there are.Jon Fleming

       Gena-Sweets/Apps/HD Tasks
  folder.project24.27 KBBackup files, create images from HDD's, partition resizing, etc.TheOven Chefs (Galapo, Lancelot)
  Active@ Disk Editor3107.81 KB(x86/x64 v6.0.37.0) Advanced tool for viewing and editing sectors of Physical Disks, Partitions and contents of any file type.Lancelot
  Active@ Disk Editor - File319.63 MBActive@ Disk Editor File ContainerLancelot
  Active@ Partition Manager 5691.73 KB(x86/x64 v5.0.15.0) (20 MB) You may create, delete, format and name partitions on your computer without shutting down the system. (FAT16, FAT32, NTFS - Format a Flash memory as NTFS)Lancelot
  Active@ Partition Manager - File516.38 MBFile ContainerPlugin Creator
  Partition Wizard Free23718.05 KB(x86/x64 v9.1.0.0) Partition softwarebillonious, olegpov
  Partition Wizard Free File1040.66 MBFile Container for 'Partition Wizard Home'billonious, olegpov

       Gena-Sweets/Apps/HD Tasks/Defrag
  O&O Defrag Pro41595.63 KB(v10, 11.5, 12, 12.5, 14) Adds O&O Defrag 10, 11.5, 12, 12.5 or 14 Professional to the PE buildthuun
  Bin file for O&O Defrag Pro 10.0 script14.82 MBContains O&O Defrag Pro filesGalapo
  Bin file for O&O Defrag Pro 11.5 script18.58 MBContains O&O Defrag Pro filesGalapo
  Bin file for O&O Defrag Pro 12.0 script112.26 MBContains O&O Defrag Pro filesGalapo
  Bin file for O&O Defrag Pro 12.5 script112.66 MBContains O&O Defrag Pro filesGalapo
  Bin file for O&O Defrag Pro 14.0 script213.95 MBContains O&O Defrag Pro filesGalapo
  Piriform Defraggler115.93 MB(x86/x64 v2.19.0.982) The Plugin will install Defraggler including command line version.Amalux

       Gena-Sweets/Apps/HD Tasks/Diagnostic
  ATTO Disk Benchmark L5385.24 KB(v2.47) Aged but very popular harddisk benchmarking tool (Read/Write). Offers nice features to benchmark RAID setups.Lancelot
  GSmartControl28.72 MB(v0.8.7) GSmartControl is a graphical user interface for smartctl (from smartmontools package), which is a tool for querying and controlling SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) data on modern hard disk and solid-state drives. It allows you to inspect the drive's SMART data to determine its health, as well as run various tests on it.Venerence, Lancelot
  MiTeC System Information141.34 MB(msi.exe v1.0.8.0 GetSys.exe v1.0.1.0) Msi.exe is a useful Delphi component that provides most complex system information about your computer software and hardware environment. GetSys.exe is console application providing system information.Michal Mutl
  MiTeC File Analyzer153.25 MB(v2.1.0.0) This aplication decodes and analyzes some special files (Thumbnail database, Prefetch, Shortcut, IndexDat, Recycle Bin) used by Windows OS. In these files is interesting information for forensic analysis.Michal Mutl
  OverDisk18682.71 KB(v.0.11b) A disk space overview utility .Galapo
  Victoria 4.46f Freeware42.32 MB(x86 only) (v4.46f) A powerful and complex utility for performing low-level hard drive diagnostics, repair & benchmarking.Homes32
  WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostic91.25 MB(v1.24.0.0) Western Digital (WD) Data Life Guard Diagnostic - DLDIAG for Windows. Perform drive identification, diagnostics, and repairs on a Western Digital FireWire, EIDE, or USB drive.Western Digital

       Gena-Sweets/Apps/HD Tasks/File Undelete
  PC Inspector File Recovery84.46 MB(v4.0 - checked 2013.01.20) Extensive file analysis and recoveryConvar
  Restoration14253.5 KB(v3.2.13) Search and Recover deleted files from your diskBrian Kato
  UndeleteOnClick162.12 MB(v1.6) Adds UndeleteOnClick to the build, an exceedingly fast file-undeleting program.Galapo

       Gena-Sweets/Apps/HD Tasks/Imaging
  SelfImage14609.77 KB(v1.2.1.92) Hard Drive Backup tool.amalux
  DriveSnapshot255.99 MB(x86/x64 v1.43) SnapShot is disk imaging software that enables the user to back up, restore and view backed up hard disk data, easily and safely.Galapo

       Gena-Sweets/Apps/HD Tasks/MBR
  MBRWizard with MBRWhisky14585.72 KB(x64/x86 MBRWiz v2.0b) (MBRWhisky v3.2.4.9) MBRWhisky is a simple MBRWiz GUI for disk MBR configuration and repair in Windows PE.Lancelot

       Gena-Sweets/Apps/HD Tasks/Recover
  DiskInternals Linux Reader14355.64 KB(v2.3.0.0) Ext 2/3/4, UFS2, HFS and ReiserFS/4 for WindowsDiskInternals
  DiskInternals Linux Reader - File126.67 MBFile ContainerLancelot
  DiskInternals Linux Recovery1529.27 KB(v4.5.0.0) Recover erased or damaged information that is kept on Ext2/Ext3 partitions. Can create a virtual partition and mount an image so it can be processed just like any another regular disk.Lancelot
  Linux_Recovery - File127.07 MBFile ContainerLancelot
  DiskInternals MapDrive21.73 MBAccess Linux or Raid disk by drive letter!Lancelot
  DiskInternals NTFS Reader114.52 MB(v2.1.0.0) When reading files, the program ignores all security policies and file access rights. Even if it is forbidden to access a file, NTFS Reader will be able to save it!Lancelot
  DiskInternals Raid2Raid22.72 MBMount RAID arrays and Dynamic Disks created with all current Intel, nVidia or VIA chipsets on any other chipset and on all versions of Windows with free Raid 2 Raid software.Lancelot
  DiskInternals Address Book Recovery32.32 MB(v2.1.0.0) (WAB_Recovery) Recover Windows Address BookLancelot
  DiskInternals Zip Repair11793.98 KB(v1.1.0.0) Built-in extraction features that allow it to extract partially damaged and restored zip files.Lancelot

  folder.project24.25 KBWeb Browsers and other Internet related addonsTheOven Chefs (Galapo, Lancelot)
  FileZilla KB(v3.6.0.2) FileZilla Client is a fast and reliable cross-platform FTP, FTPS and SFTP client with lots of useful features and an intuitive graphical user interface.Galapo
  FileZilla Container18.8 MBFileZilla ContainerGalapo
  Flash Package147.65 MB(v11.8.800.168 - (x86 15 MB)) This is a Flash Package script to be used by other scripts.Saydin77, Lancelot
  Flash Package x64148.83 MB(v11.9.900.117 - (x64 21 MB)) This is a Flash Package script to be used by other scripts.Saydin77, Lancelot, ChrisR
  GetRightPro207.22 MBAdds GetRight Pro download and upload manager to the build.Galapo; api mod from Max_Real Qnx's VistaPE script
  MiTec Network Meter7835.55 KB(v1.1.0.0) This application scans for network interfaces and adapters installed in system and their monitoring. Detailed info for every interface is provided. Every interface monitor has simple statistics view and graphic display with time history.Michal Mutl
  Opera v12 SL36424.04 KB(x86/x64 v12.17 build 1863) Opera best browser ever :)Saydin77, Lancelot
  Opera v12 sl File1516.28 MBThis script only contains opera binary to be used by opera script.Saydin77, Lancelot
  Opera v12 sl File x641517.95 MBThis script only contains x64 opera binary to be used by opera script.Saydin77, Lancelot
  WakeOnLanGui8266.92 KB(v3.1.0.43) Adds WakeOnLanGui to the buildGalapo
  WifiInfoView NirSoft2424.97 KB(v1.1.0.0) WifiInfoView scans the wireless networks in your area and displays extensive information about themLancelot
  WirelessNetView NirSoft291.59 KB(v1.4.3.0) A small utility that runs in the background, and monitor the activity of wireless networks around you.Lancelot
  Wireless Network Watcher NirSoft2330.72 KB(v1.5.5.0) A small utility that scans your wireless network and displays the list of all computers and devices that are currently connected to your network.Lancelot

  ZoneAlarm44437.85 KB(v5.5.94.0) (PE1 only) Adds ZoneAlarm Pro/Free firewall to the build. (SDI or FBWF is necessary.)Galapo

       Gena-Sweets/Apps/Network/Remote Connect
  Ammyy Admin v3.43446.46 KB(v3.4) Ammyy Admin is free of charge for non-commercial use. You can download remote control application and start working with it within a few seconds.Lancelot
  TightVNC1121.22 MB(v1.3.10) TightVNC is a free remote control software package.Lancelot
  TightVNC26764.83 KB(v2.0 Beta1) TightVNC is a free remote control software package.Lancelot
  UltraVNC228.18 MB(x86/x64 v1.0.8.2) Adds UltraVNC to the build.Galapo
  UltraVNC Viewer51.45 MB(x86/x64 v1.0.8.2) UltraVNC is a powerful, easy to use and free software that can display the screen of another computer (via internet or network) on your own screen.Lancelot
  VNC Real111.47 MB(v4.1.3) VNC stands for Virtual Network Computing. It is remote control software which allows you to view and fully interact with one computer desktopLancelot

  KeePass 1261.94 MB(v.1.24) Password managing software.Galapo

  HijackThis! 2.0420500.47 KBIndustrial strength malware remover from Merijn, now owned and distributed by Trend Micro. Includes Runscanner with DLL, used only if Runscanner isn't found elsewhere.Jon Fleming

  folder.project1316 BytesSome AV applications require writeable media to update. If you dont have writeable media (ex: create iso without fbwf) copy AV from cd to a writeable media (ex: usb,hd etc)TheOven Chefs (Galapo, Lancelot)
  Sophos Antivirus81.46 MBCommand line antivirus scanner. Includes GUI "front end" with options for updating at run time.Jon Fleming

  Magic Jelly Bean Keyfinder12623.55 KB(v2.0.9.8) Adds Magic Jelly Bean Keyfinder to the PE build.Galapo
  Ndq's Key Finder10858.67 KBAdds Ndq's Key Finder to the PE build.Galapo

  Reset Forgotten Password (Document)2164.94 KBResetting a Forgotten Windows Password with Utility Manager (Utilman.exe) Documented Trick (Also ways to prevent such trick ;))Lancelot

  NT-2K-2K3 Server Domain Pass Changer16505.87 KBUnlocking Windows NT/2000/2003 Domain ControllersNightMan
  DreamPackPL161.42 MBBypass Windows Login SecurityNightMan
  NTPWEdit19524.02 KB(v0.5) A password editor for Windows NT based systems (like Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8), it can change or remove passwords for local system accounts. This program can NOT decrypt passwords or change domain and Active Directory passwords.NightMan
  Password Renew81.11 MB(v1.1 beta) Reset the password from Administrator accounts or create new Admin accounts on a windows machine.Sala

  folder.project24.24 KBProductivity related programsTheOven Chefs (Galapo, Lancelot)
  AutoIt v3.2492013.85 KB(v3.2.4.9) Adds AutoIt to the build. Associates .au3 files and creates shell context menus.Galapo
  AutoIt Files v3.249169.83 MB(v3.2.4.9) Plugin only Contains AutoIt v3.249 FilesGalapo
  Power Off10428.7 KB(v3.0.1.3) This program allows you to set a timer to power off your computerGena People



  XnView40376.3 KB(v2.13) Free software to view and convert graphic filesGalapo
  XnView_Files_ShellEx6441.36 MBXnView File ContainerGalapo
  XnView_Files_x86_win-Full425.86 MBXnView File ContainerGalapo


  MiTeC Mail Viewer91.94 MB(v1.8.5.0) Viewer for standalone files containing Microsoft Outlook Express 4,5 and 6 message database (*.idx/*.mbx/*.dbx), Windows Vista Mail/Windows Live Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird message databases as well as standalone EML files.Lancelot
  Spread327675.63 KB(v1.18) Spreadsheet programStephen Bye

       Gena-Sweets/Apps/System Tools
  folder.project24.26 KBAddons related to the improvement of the overall systemTheOven Chefs (Galapo, Lancelot)
  BlueScreenView (M)11276.13 KB(x86/x64 v1.5.2.0) BlueScreenView scans all minidump files created during 'blue screen of death' crashes and displays the minidump filenameHomes32
  DevManView NirSoft2207.33 KB(x86/x64 v1.2.7.0) An alternative to the standard Device Manager of Windows, which displays all devices and their properties in flat table, instead of tree viewer.Lancelot
  DriverView NirSoft3166.32 KB(x86/x64 v1.4.6.13) Displays the list of all device drivers currently loaded on your system.Lancelot
  jv16PowerTools122.35 MB(v1.3.0.195) Adds jv16PowerTools to the build.(Requires my Runscanner plugin to function properly as well as writable directory.)Galapo
  NTFS Link19978.92 KB(v2.1) NTFS Link Ext by miracle2k (original Michael Elsdoerfer). Adds NTFS Link, a NTFS file and directory junctioning shell extension, to the build.Galapo
  Pserv216681.29 KB(v2.7) A Control Panel Applet to control all NT services and devices, uninstall apps, partially replace event viewer, partially replace task manager, and connect to remote machines. It has many features your Windows 2000 MMC doesn't.NightMan
  RegistryLoaderPE2938.27 KB(v1.0.19) Load registry files from offline systems, very useful if you are trying to recover a system that is prevented from booting by a bad driver or some other problem that requires the registry to be edited. RegistryLoaderPE only works for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/2008/7 registry hives.Script Creator
  Roadkil Utilities141.46 MBCollection of applications, free of charge, free to use and distributebillonious
  USBDeview NirSoft2265.14 KB(x86/x64 v2.2.0.0) Lists all USB devices that currently connected to your computer, as well as all USB devices that you previously used.Lancelot

       Gena-Sweets/Apps/System Tools/Debug
  Dependency Walker272.02 MB(x86/x64 v2.2.600) Program that helps find files needed to run other programs, shows DLL and EXE dependencies. Very useful utililty for developing your own scripts.Steve P. Miller
  ProcessActivityView NirSoft2180.12 KB(x86/x64 v1.1.2.0) Creates a summary of all files and folders that the selected process tries to access.Lancelot
  RegFromApp NirSoft2159.49 KB(x86/x64 v1.2.3.0) Monitors the Registry changes made by the application that you selected, and creates a standard RegEdit registration file (.reg) that contains all the Registry changes made by the application. You can use the generated .reg file to import these changes with RegEdit when it's needed.Lancelot

       Gena-Sweets/Apps/System Tools/Explorer Addons

       Gena-Sweets/Apps/System Tools/HW Info
  CrystalCPUID10619.42 KB(v4.14.5.409) Adds CrystalCPUID CPU utility software to the build.Galapo

       Gena-Sweets/Apps/System Tools/Registry
  MiTeC Registry Recover181.31 MB(v1.5.2.0) This application allows to read files containing Windows 9x,NT,2K,XP,2K3 registry hives. It extracts many useful information about configuration and windows installation settings of host machine.Michal Mutl
  RegScanner NirSoft12192.28 KB(x86/x64 v1.95) Helps finding very specific keys in the registry. Allows you to scan the Registry, find the desired Registry values that match to the specified search criteria, display them in one list and jump to the right value in RegEdit.Jon Fleming
  RegWizXP1084.73 KB(v1.0.0.4) Registry Restore Wizard XP. An open source utility that restores Registry (not files)Zorka

       Gena-Sweets/Apps/System Tools/Windows Setup

  VMWare Converter17349.79 KB(x86 only) VMWare Converter will be added on the projectGalapo
  VMXBuilder143.6 MB(v0.9.0.7) Adds VMXBuilder to the PE build.Galapo

  folder.project24.28 KBOtherOS Scripts Requires a Multibootloader (Grub4dos). Check Basic>BootsectorPETheOven Chefs (Galapo, Lancelot)
  memtest.LinkGena289 Bytes
  Memtest86+ 4.2017239.32 KBTool to diagnose and troubleshoot PC memory problems.Markus Debus
  memtest5.LinkGena290 Bytes
  MemTest86+ 5.0116220.11 KB(v.5.01) Tool to diagnose and troubleshoot PC memory problems.Markus Debus


  7z.dll969.5 KB
  7z.exe239 KB
  7za.exe574 KB
  7za_License.txt1.13 KB
  7zCon.sfx162.5 KB
  7z_License.txt1.88 KB
  AutoIt3.exe692.99 KB
  AutoIt_License.txt4.05 KB
  bPatch.exe263.67 KB
  Calculate.exe227.11 KB
  cdimage.exe107.5 KB
  cdmake.exe25.43 KB
  cdrecord.exe129.5 KB
  cygwin1.dll1.79 MB
  Download_Pack.7z1.03 MB
  ESSvc.exe197 KB
  ExpEnvVar.exe631.88 KB
  filecase.exe33.5 KB
  GetWaikTools.exe55.5 KB
  gsar.exe19.5 KB
  gzip.exe66.5 KB
  gzip_Web.url101 Bytes
  hiderun.exe1.5 KB
  Languages_Backup_Chinese.7z4.4 KB
  libeay32.dll1012 KB
  mkisofs.exe336 KB
  mkisofs_20120406.exe215.34 KB
  mkisofs_mingw32.url154 Bytes
  msvcr71.dll340 KB
  msvcr71.dll_ReadMe.txt208 Bytes
  sCalculate.exe273.9 KB
  Software Licenses.txt375 Bytes
  ssleay32.dll192 KB
  UnRAR.exe92 KB
  unzip.exe72 KB
  upx.exe283.5 KB
  upx303.exe265.5 KB
  upx_HomePage.url96 Bytes
  webget.exe22.5 KB
  WGDLL.dll6 KB
  WGet.exe312 KB
  WinBuilder077RC2 Starter.exe1.69 MB

  7z.dll893 KB
  7z.exe160 KB
  7z920_Info.txt473 Bytes
  7z_License.txt1.88 KB



  cdrtools-2.01a18-bart.rar2.21 MB
  CreateISOImage_source.rar182.15 KB
  hiderun.cpp1.92 KB



  7z.dll1.44 MB
  7z.exe413.5 KB
  7z.sfx177.5 KB
  7zCon.sfx162.5 KB
  AU3361.exe851.37 KB
  AU3381.exe864.73 KB
  AutoIt3.exe814.49 KB
  ExpEnvVar_Info.txt920 Bytes
  ExpEnvVar_x64.exe780.38 KB
  hiderun_Info.txt994 Bytes
  hiderun_x64.exe38.87 KB

  7z.dll969.5 KB
  7z.exe239 KB
  7z.sfx177.5 KB
  7zCon.sfx162.5 KB
  AU3361.exe727.87 KB
  AU3381.exe732.73 KB
  AutoIt3.exe692.99 KB
  ExpEnvVar_Info.txt920 Bytes
  ExpEnvVar_x86.exe631.88 KB
  hiderun_Info.txt994 Bytes
  hiderun_x86.exe8.37 KB

  Chinese.txt12.38 KB
  Dutch.txt18.17 KB
  French.txt20.45 KB
  German.txt18.12 KB
  Italian.txt18.53 KB
  Portuguese.txt16.01 KB
  Romanian.txt18.18 KB
  Russian.txt16.68 KB
  Russian_UTF8.rar7.16 KB
  Spanish.txt18.78 KB
  Turkish.txt20.74 KB
  z_Change_Language_1.png11.58 KB
  z_Change_Language_2.png15.44 KB
  z_Change_Language_3.png14.25 KB


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